Toy Store

I am lucky enough to work with some awesome, sex-positive toy companies and stores that have a passion for making and selling great quality products. I’m using affiliate links (as explained on my Policies & Disclosure page), so I’d appreciate if you cleared your cache & enabled cookies.

My Favourite Stores

Come As You Are Co-Operative


Come As You Are is the world’s first Co-Operative Sex Store which runs as anti-capitalist and feminist! This means the owners are the people working in the store and are the people curating what they’re selling. CAYA is focused on bringing sexual pleasure, health and education to the world, and also doesn’t profit off of any of their sales! They have a brick and mortar store in downtown Toronto, Ontario and an abundant online inventory. You can get free Canadian shipping by signing up to their newsletter!

I have a Come As You Are Wishlist full of toys I’ve been craving! If you’re feeling generous you can check it out!

Good Vibrations



Good Vibrations is a sex-positive and female-oriented store, with a focus on health. It’s been operating since 1977 and has an online store as well as multiple retail locations. Good Vibes is an awesome company which has their own line of toys, Pleasure Works, as well as lots of other great toys.

Naughty Play Time


Naughty Play Time is a new company trying to find their way in the world that is sex-toy retailers. When they reached out to me to join their affiliate program, they stated that they are bring a sex-positive approach to their company. They showed this to me by changing their “Couples” toy section to “Playing Together” when I pointed out that not all people who use toys for two or more people are couples.

Use code REDHOTSUZ to get 10% off your Naughty Play Time order!



SheVibe is an online based sex-toy store that has awesome customer service. Their focus on safe products and transparency makes them a very popular company among sex bloggers. And to add onto it their whole brand is geeky themed and they produce some awesome art!

My Favourite Manufacturers



Tantus shares my love for high-quality dildos and butt plugs. They also make some wicked c-rings, paddles, harnesses and now a wand vibrator (which looks absolutely delicious btw). Loved by everyone (especially us sex bloggers), you really can’t go wrong with Tantus’ Ultra-Premium Silicone, which is body safe, and soft to the touch.

Use code REDHOTSUZ to get 15% your Tantus order 🙂